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Tracey, welcome to Ramsey's Reviews 2nd Annual Halloween Bash. I am thrilled to finally have you here as my guest. You have been working extremely hard lately and your publishing company, as well as your writing has really taken off for you, which is extremely awesome!

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects you’re working on?
Currently I’m working on another rewrite of Dawn of kNight (Book 3 of the kNight Series) and also a very adorable YA Contemporary Romance called Sound of Thunder.

When and Why did you begin writing?
I began writing at the age of sixteen. Mr. Wilson, my English teacher gave us an assignment to write a short story based on the starting sentence…”One dark and stormy night…”. I couldn’t think of anything to write, and stared at the blank paper for at least an hour, rolling around any thoughts that could possibly make a story. When I put the pen to paper and wrote the beginning sentence what followed was the beginning of what later became a writing career. The short story impressed my teacher enough he asked me to stay after class so he could tell me that I really needed to consider writing for a career. Of course he recommended several books, mostly by Stephen King…because he told me I wrote in the same gory style as King did.

Okay, that was my first attempt at writing, and the short story I wrote turned out to be a dark horror. At sixteen, I was a major horror buff ,and loved any horror movies. So was it a wonder I wrote a horror story that scared half the class?

LOL. I too, love my dark horror genre. Lately I have been watching back to back horror movies on Netflix just to get my fix. Haha. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
It depends on what I’m writing. If I’m writing a story that is based on a specific legends I might go to a library for books about the legends and also use the internet as another source of information. My story ideas pop up at any given time. Sometimes I might just get a piece, one scene and write it down. Months, or years later I might pull that little nugget out and see if I have anything else to add that might make a novel.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
I love a horror story that has the old school stuff, blood, guts, gore, and suspense. I really like a book to read like watching a movie, if that’s at all possible, and to keep me sitting on the edge of my seat until the last page.

That is how I visualize any type of books, like watching a movie. If while reading a story I don't get that mental movie picture in my mind, then usually the writing isn't progressing like it should – smooth flowing scene execution is vital to a 5 star review. What is your favorite scary movie or book?
I would still have to say my favorite scary movie of all time is Howling, which is tied with Silver Bullet. Although, I have to give credit to Hell Raiser. My favorite scary book- The Shinning by Stephen King.

Ahh Silver Bullet. I never thought I would ever find another soul who liked this movie as much as I. One of the best short stories and movie, IMO, ever made. What makes you interested in the genre your write?
I believe that the genre chooses the writer and not the other way around. A story is crafted from the imagination of the writer stemming from something familiar. For instance, I love cutting off the lights, climbing onto the sofa with a blanket and pillow to watch scary movies. If I laugh at a scary part, it didn’t thrill me. My early writings in horror were dark, and twisted, probably due to the fact I enjoyed dark thrillers. My paranormal romance, Dark of kNight, meant to be a horror novel titled Beast Within. The story still revolved around the two main characters, but the horror factors were dominate and the ending graphic, gory and violent.

When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
My favorite creature- werewolves of course. I think I’ve seen every horror movie made about werewolves, even the cheesy ones! (LOL! Me too) I believe it did propel me to become a little creative with the muse.

Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came from?
Oh- yes, and that story is still hidden somewhere in a file and I haven’t touched it since. It was one of those tidbits I started and put away for a later day to be revived. I am hoping to return to the horror genre and write more dark horror.

I hope you do soon. I would love to read what type of horror goes through your mind. Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
Blood, guts and gore, I think is pretty normal for horror. I would have to draw the line on the age of the characters, I can’t write any harm to babies or under age children…just can’t do it. But adult wise, it goes. As far as erotic content, yes, I’ve read some horror books that scared you stiff, (no pun intended), and yet they had really erotic content on the sex scenes. I think I would have to draw the line there with creature and human sex.

Could you share some of your blurbs or exerts with us?
Sure. I’ll give you an excerpt from Silver Moon.

Jennifer pulled the Mustang over on the opposite side of the road. A sudden relief swept over her when the car door opened and the old man stepped out. The crazy evening and conversation would end. She opened the car door and stepped out onto the road. If the story he told her was true about the mutilated bodies then she didn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Cautiously she followed him across the road to the truck. Her eyes darted around the darkness, searching for any threatening signs of danger.
Awe Miss Jennifer, you don’t have to watch over me. I can fend for myself,” he forced out a smile. He raised the gas container, placing the tip into the truck.
I know you can Ben,” she returned a warm smile. “I just want to make sure you are not in the news tomorrow.”
Old Ben chuckled. He finished pouring the gas into the truck and turned to Jennifer who stood anxiously with her arms folded across her chest.
I would like to give you something in return for helping an old man,” he said. He placed the empty container in the back of the truck.
No- no. Really, I don’t expect anything. I wanted to help.”
Ben opened his mouth to say something and froze. His eyes focused on the approaching car. Suddenly his eyes narrowed and his grey eyebrows burrowed together. The car slowed down to a stop behind the Mustang.
The motor turned off on the shiny black Porsche. The dark tinted windows prevented Ben and Jennifer from seeing the driver. A second or two passed before the driver’s door opened. The hair on the back of Jennifer’s neck prickled. Chills swept over her arms when the driver climbed out of the car.
The driver of the fancy new sports car wore black jeans and a black silky shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The black color of his clothing enhanced his dark appearance.
Miss Jennifer, why don’t you get in the truck?” Ben whispered softly.
Waves of fear rushed through her body, rendering her thoughts helpless. All reason had left her in that moment. She clearly heard the warning in the old man’s voice.
Is everything alright? Car problems?” The smoothness of the stranger’s voice mellowed in Jennifer’s fear.
I just brought him back from the gas station. His truck ran out of gas,” she stated firmly.
The stranger moved closer. Jennifer’s breath caught in her throat. He was breathtaking. The smooth way he walked across the road brought out a gasp in her breath. The long black leather coat he wore flowed quietly with each step he took. He walked as a man who had power and control. Confidence.
Missy, please…” Ben whispered again.
I think the old man is fairly concerned about your well-being my dear,” the handsome man held out his hand to her. “My name is Joshua.”
Joshua thanks for your help, but I think we are finished here.” Jennifer reached out to take his hand.
Ben grabbed her hand and forced it down by her side. His sudden move startled her. Joshua’s eyes immediately darted towards the old man.
I don’t think I’m the one she needs to fear tonight, old man,” Joshua’s voice turned icy.
Jennifer’s heart suddenly slammed against her chest. Her pulse raced. Her mind swirled with horrifying thoughts and images. Tiny beads of sweat moistened her hands. Her life was in danger, she thought as she took a step away from the two men. How could the old man hurt her? Or was it this stranger that threatened her life?
Missy, just do as I tell you and get in the truck.” The old man’s voice became harsh and rough.
He plans on killing you.” Joshua stated firmly. “Come with me and I will save your life.”
HE’S LYING!” Ben spat out. “He plans on taking you for himself! You don’t want to be what he is!”
Words were not coming to her. Jennifer’s mind jumbled with confusion. What is Joshua? How did Ben know him? She didn’t have the answers to make a rational decision. At this point the only choice she had was to run away from them both. She darted for her car. Before she had a chance to take two more steps, she heard a clicking sound of a revolver behind her. The sound of a single gunshot filled the air. The next second she felt something hard hit her shoulder, sending her toward the ground. The burn. It burns! Her eyes closed tightly as the burn turned into excruciating pain. She released a scream when she realized she had been shot.
Her ears rang with fear. Her heart pounded loudly. Adrenaline rushed through her veins. Pain flooded across her body. A pain of fire flooded through her body. This was not a normal gunshot wound, she thought as her eyes closed tightly. Her whole body convulsed with the waves of a raging fire. For a moment, she thought her body was going to combust into flames. Her death would be by fire, she just knew it.
The next few seconds were blurs of a horrifying nightmare. Her eyes flickered open long enough to see Ben holding a gun and Joshua wrestling against him. It didn’t look like a fair fight. Jennifer knew she had to move, get to her car and call for help. Her hands clawed at the ground. Dirt filled underneath her fingernails. The waves of burning pain crashed against her veins again. The world swirled around her. She lost control of her body and fell toward the ground again. A bloody scream released from deep in her throat as another wave of pain momentarily blinded her. Darkness enveloped her eyes, preventing her from seeing the two figures as they fought. She could still hear them. Their bodies slammed against the truck. Their feet rustled against the grass on the ground. The grunts and growls of the two men were loud and clear as they continued with their struggle.
Her vision returned. Not clear, but clear enough for her to see Joshua had relieved the old man of his weapon. She wished she had closed her eyes as she watched Ben grab something from the back of the truck and hit Joshua alongside of his head. She watched the handsome man fall backwards to the ground. He didn’t move. He must be dead she thought. Jennifer wondered if she would be next.

That was suspenseful indeed. Wow, I know I want to read more. What happened to Jennifer? And is this handsome stranger, Joshua, going to spring back up? Is he good or evil? Or is it the old man that the evil one? Guess I will have to read the book to find out. =) Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?

Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
I mentioned I have several books in the works, and several short stories on the burner. If you enjoy my work please visit the darkofknightseries web site to keep track on what I’m writing. Some of my work will be turned over to my literary agent, such as Glisten an urban fantasy, may be under a pen name. I’ll try to keep the fans posted on any news of new releases. Also, news updates on anything related to the Dark of kNight screenplay to movie.

Thank you, Tracey, for allowing me to interview you and thank you even more for all the fantastic information on you and your books.

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Caution: Adult Contenet. Must be 18 to enter.
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