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Welcome Regan Taylor to Ramsey's Reviews 2nd Annual Halloween Bash! I am excited about hosting you for the next several days and I know your readers would like to know what you have been up to lately.

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects you are working on?
Always! Okay, with several of the Awe-struck and Mundania authors we’re doing a blog tour – 7 authors, 7 weeks and surprises along the way. You can find out more info at my website at

I’m also going to be doing a book signing with fellow authors Mary Martinez, Tawny Weber, Dee Brice and Julia Barrett at the Rios Winery in Calistoga (Napa Valley), California from 6-8 on October 20. If you are in the area, come by, have some wine, chat with us and enter to win a gift basket from the 5 of us!

And as to current projects, I am completing edits on Neverending Dream which is the fourth book of my Four Cups series with eXtasy ( This one is a little different for me and was inspired by my 85 year old aunt who happens to be a major Facebook aficionado. Major into the games.
Following that I’ll be in edits for Devil’s Details, also with eXtasy. Pretty much at the same time Jennifer Cloud and I will be in edits for Her Eyes, coming with Awe-struck ( – the parent company for the Awe-struck imprint) this fall.
And I’m always writing. It’s my escape from my day-to-day life which is actually pretty cool. Currently I’m writing The World, a romantic suspense.
When and Why did you begin writing?
My first two books were non-fictions. The first was in response to my own experience with carpal tunnel and coming close to losing everything – literally everything. The second was a textbook for college students with disabilities, primarily learning disabilities and to be used in a class teaching skills to help those students make it through university. I began writing fiction in 2005 as a way of dealing with my job as a police dispatcher.
Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
Oh everywhere. Not a day goes by that I don’t see or hear something that is either a potential story line, a quote that is just too good to pass up or event that would make a good scene in a book. Life is so full of what seem to be isolated or even mundane incidents that can be transformed into a story if you just tune into them.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
I can answer this best by giving an example. My co-author for Her Eyes, Jennifer Cloud writes chilling horror. It’s not just scary – Jennifer takes your worst childhood nightmare, brings them into adulthood and you soon find that the monster under your bed was real, is alive, well and coming to get you.
What is your favorite scary movie or book?
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.
What makes you interested in the genre your write?
I mainly write time travel, but it often has a twist with a hint of reincarnation or past lives reaching out to pull you back in. With time travel I can, at least in my imagination, go to any place, any time and meet anyone I want. The possibilities are endless.
When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
I grew up in a family of psychics. We believed in ghosts and communicating with the dead. What scared me most was actually pretty silly – the open scenes of the original Zorro when Guy Williams would make the Z in the opening sequences. For some reason it terrified me. It wasn’t the scary part of it that got me writing but the dashing hero Zorro was.

Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came from?
Yes, but not the normal kind of scared. When I wrote a scene in The Glass Cage where someone dies it scared the hell out of me because I’d never been that much in touch with my own dark side. It came out again in With All Dispatch (book 2 of my Treasure Antique series due out in spring 2012 with Awe-struck) when I wrote a scene with someone dying in a particularly brutal way.
Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
No. Not really. I believe in telling the story that needs to be told. You know how we hear we use, for the most part, only 10% of our brain? I believe that when we write, if we let the story unfold the way it wants to be told, we tap into at least a part of that other 90%.
Could you share some of your blurbs or excepts with us?
My latest release is America's Hero, a time travel that features Marine Corps F/A -18 pilot Cass Winter and Hollywood Hottie, Austin Quinn. CJ Hollenbach was my ideal for Austin when I was writing the book and talk about thrilled when DCL signed America's Hero and he agreed to be on my cover. He is everything Austin is -- if you ever have the occasion to chat with CJ you'll find he is a very warm, caring and interesting person.

This book is special to me on several levels because I have Marine's in my life. There are elements of those Marine's in Cass and even in Austin.
We have a bit of a trailer for you:
On the heels of a dramatic rescue, Hollywood Hottie Austin Quinn decides he's the man to play United States Marine Corps Major Cass Winter's role in the film. The problem is the Major wants nothing to do with the actor -- no matter how many men and women swoon over him. When Quinn wrangles a ride in the Major's F/A-18 Hornet, they land in a time and place neither ever expected.

* * * * *

Treasures Antique Series

My latest release with Awe-struck is The Photograph, book 1 of the Treasures Antique series. The series is set in nearby Napa, California. Well, nearby to me . If you’ve ever been there you know Napa is an interesting blend of rural wineries and small town charm.
I’m sure I’m not the only avid reader, or even reader, who found herself imagining what it would be like to have one of our romance heroes come to life. Okay, I will admit, my personal romantic hero is in my life and has been so through good times, rough times, happy and sad. He was my first beta reader, a former Marine and U.S. Marshal. With The Photograph I took that imagination of having a hero walk off the pages in a different kind of way. You also meet a few other characters, one whose real identity is revealed in future stories. I recently signed book 2 of this series, With All Dispatch which has a special place in my heart because I wrote in the last days of my 22 year old kitty Molly’s life.
Oh! And you do meet my own kitty Maitai in the guise of Taister.

But on to The Photograph:

From the time Carrie Taylor discovered the magical worlds of romance novels, she has devoured them one right after the other. She not only thrilled to each new hero, one more dashing than the one before. Carrie clearly saw herself as each beautiful heroine waiting to be rescued by each daring hero. And then one day, she brought home a photograph. A very special photograph and suddenly her imaginary hero turned into a living and breathing man. Or did he? At one time Black Eagle scoffed at the girls of his village wishing on a falling star. And yet his one great wish, that of a woman of his own, was never realized. And then one night, he wished upon a star. Can the love of a man from the past help a modern woman with her modern problems in a modern world?
backed her against the door, holding her firm in his embrace. "You are mine, Cassandra, mine and mine alone."
As the stunningly handsome blond-haired man took the dark-haired beauty in his arms, his oh, so sensuous lips coming closer and closer to her own, Cassandra knew he would take her in a passion that only grew hotter and hotter with each taking. She felt him hot and hard against her, leaving no doubt what he wanted of her. "Yes, Erek, yes. Now and always."
He reached for her, pulling her into his embrace, knowing this was the love he had waited a lifetime for. No man, no army could keep them apart. Never again would they be torn from each other. This would be a love for all time. "I love you, Cassandra. I will love you forever."
* * * *
Carrie Taylor sighed and closed her eyes as she held the book to her chest. "Why don't they make men like that in real life? Why can't I meet my own Erek? A man who's not only totally gorgeous on the outside with a fabulous chest and nice butt, but a really nice guy on the inside? A guy who you can tell anything to and he'll listen and help you do whatever it is you really want to do?"
While good for company on a dark, cold, rainy winter night, Taister's 'meow' didn't really answer her question. She scrunched the long-haired black cat's ears before turning off the light beside her bed. As she snuggled under the covers, she heard Taister's purr from the foot of the bed. At least he was faithful, not like that jerk Dean. "Dean Welman--what an absolute loser," she told the cat. "The porker. Taister, tell me this, just because I hung out with him--all right, dated him--am I a loser?"
When the cat didn't respond with more than a louder purr, Carrie thought back on the man she'd recently broken up with. Dean had come on all charm and kisses, promised her the moon and then went and two-timed her. Such was the story of her life. "Hell, he wasn't even that hot in bed!" Chalk up number--well whatever number he was. And come to think of it, he was definitely the loser. "I'm well rid of him, Taister, that's for sure."
Drifting off to sleep, Carrie replayed the last few chapters of Her Knight in her mind, seeing herself in the role of the heroine, Cassandra. Erek, of course, looked just like the model on the book cover. She could almost feel the soft velvet of the deep burgundy gown worn by Cassandra on that same cover, her cheeks warming at the thought of the bare-chested Erek with his long blond hair flowing over his shoulders, his powerful hands kneading her breasts. Erek was the best hero she'd read in a long time. As a dream lover, he was ideal. At least in her dreams someone loved her.

Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?
My website at
Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
No, just thank you for having me!

Please welcome Ashlynn Monroe to Ramsey's Reviews. Ashlynn is one of the many talented authors we have visiting during the 2nd Annual Halloween Bash. It's nice to have you here Ashlynn. Thank you for taking the time and sharing some of your news with us today. 
Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects your working on?
I’ve been contracted for my romantic paranormal Christmas story: A Daddy for Christmas. Silver Publishing will release my fun romance about a social worker, three little boys, and a werewolf this December.

When and Why did you begin writing?
I’ve been writing since I was thirteen but didn’t have the courage to pursue publication until my thirtieth birthday. I guess that’s how I dealt with the big 3-0 *wink*. I first tried to find an agent but was told my work was too short, so I researched and found e-publishing. I sent my first novella, Hidden Magic, to Wild Horse Press and was delighted to be contracted by the publisher a very short time later. I was contracted at the end of February 2010 and on June 4, 2010, I became a published writer. This is a much cherished anniversary date and this year I took my kids out to a special supper to celebrate. It was a birthday of sorts for me as I use a pen name. I’ve been blessed with finding multiple publishers who are willing to believe in me. It’s expanded my friend base and my knowledge about the craft I love. The first person who bought Hidden Magic changed my life and filled a hole in me I didn’t even know existed. Whoever you are, thank you so much, everyone who buys my work gives me a wonderful gift and they don’t even know it. This has enriched my life tremendously. I’m just a working mom struggling to make ends meet and make life better for me and my kiddos. Having the validation the people enjoy my creativity really gives me a special joy that helps me get through the tough times. 
Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
My daydreams, nightmares, music, but most just randomly pop into my brain.
What do you think makes a good horror story?
A believable yet terrifying tale, any horror story that makes me think “duh” isn’t one I enjoy.
What is your favorite scary movie or book?
The Stand, by Steven King, Considering how sickly my kids and I are we’d have been the first ones done for lol.
What makes you interested in the genre your write?
I love romance, but anything unique such as werewolves just enhance the story and the power to create so much more that I can’t imagine what I’d do if I couldn’t write paranormal or urban fantasy again.
When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later? 
The Headless Horseman, The idea of a body without a head really freaks me out. I often had nightmares about him and still cringe at the idea of reading Sleepy Hollow again. Honestly, he hasn’t inspired anything specific.
Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came from?
I’ve had a few scenes that scared me badly enough to stop writing them. I’m a pansy lol.
Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
Erotic content I’m not shy about, but I think gory should stop at any description that turns the reader’s stomach.
Could you share some of your blurbs or exerts with us? 
I’m so excited for my October 30th release of Don’t Take Candy from Werewolves!
Here’s the blurb.
Jenica Bradley isn’t ordinary. She’s the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and one of the last of the Atlantian race. Now, to save her people, she must complete a pact her people made long ago, and mate with the Alpha-male of the local werewolves.
Malone Luna returns to lead his father’s pack. He soon finds himself with a confusing need to protect the little Atlantian witch—bitch—who’s to be his mate, but all she wants from him is freedom. He’s pretty much sure he can give her that, but not before he’s had her.
This story was a blast to write and the title still makes me smile. This is a fun Halloween tale of courage, duty, and passion.

Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?
Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Everyone gets to be someone else for one day. This year I hope you’ll go wild and be everything you’ve dreamed to be. If you decide to take some me time after you take the kiddos out trick-or-treating I hope you stop at and download a copy of my book.
I hope that if you haven’t read me you’ll take a look at my back-list, but Don’t Take Candy from Werewolves is one of the very best things I’ve written. I love this story!
Visit her website at to learn more about the worlds she imagines.
Hidden Magic-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
The Mirage High series-YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press
Dark Miracle-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
Blood and Bondage-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
Wild Hearts-Wild Horse Press-Paranormal Romance
The Mirage High series-YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press(print anthology or individual eBook shorts)
Blood and Bondage-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
My Soul to Keep-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
Kiss Me, Kill Me, Bite Me-Wild Horse Press-Dark Paranormal Romance
Reality Stinks-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romantic comedy

Chemical Lust-Cobblestone Press-Science Fiction Erotic
Passion's Escape-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
Lost Heart's-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
Wish-Silver Publishing-Urban Fantasy Erotic
Just One Night-Silver Publishing-Paranormal Romance
Vampires and Mistletoe-Silver publishing-Paranormal Romance
Captured Heart and soul-Silver Publishing Erotic Anthology
Don’t Take Candy From Werewolves-Paranormal Romance-coming October 30th 2011.

A Daddy for Christmas-Paranormal Romance-Coming December 2011

kNight Romance Publishing-
Clockwork Hearts Series-kNight Romance Publishing-Paranormal steam punk Coming Soon
Blood Kin-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance
The Templar Vampire Series-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance
Fallen Angels-Evernight Publishing-Steam Punk Romance
Protector Mine-Evernight Publishing-Paranormal Romance
Indecent Encounters-Evernight Publishing-Erotic Romance Anthology
Master of Mine-Evernight Publishing-Erotic Romance Anthology
Willow Moon Publishing-
Dream Mists-Willow Moon Publishing-Paranormal Romance
The Vengeance Series-Decadent Publishing-Urban Fantasy
Back in the Saddle-Paranormal 1 Night Stand Series Short
Denae’s Lesson-Seven Deadly Sins Anthology-self-published group effort with some of my favorite small press authors.
Eternal Commitments-Paranormal Romance
Slave to his Desires-Beachwalk Press

Please don’t pirate books, buy them from a legitimate vendor and not from a thief. Please don’t download from file sharing sites because I can guarantee if it’s for sale anywhere, the author isn’t making the choice to “share” it with you. That’s theft. Also, please don’t upload an ebook to these sites and only borrow them legitimately using the library or Amazon or Barnes and Noble. There are tons of free books on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, One Place for Romance, and various publishers. Night Owl Reviews offers free reads ever Thursday, and there are many wonderful giveaways on small press author and publisher blogs and websites. You’ll not only get a wonderful free read but you’ll get to establish a connection to the fantastic men and women who write independent fiction. We don’t have assistance politely declining facebook requests and sending out form emails, we are real people who get up and put on our big girl/boy panties one leg at a time. I’d love to hear your opinions and ideas about my work at Join my website as a member too because I often send out goodies. I appreciate my reader and author cyber friends and you guys are as much a part of my life as my living and breathing see-ya-at-lunch pals.
**HUGS** Ashlynn Monroe

Fellow readers, I am please to have author Michele Hart with us today. Michele shows her incredible spirit through her vivacious writing. Welcome Michele to Ramsey's Reviews Halloween Bash.

Michele: Greetings, Halloween Bash, Ramsey’s Reviews, and readers of passion and fright!
I love Halloween, Samhain to me, and it’s always the funnest time of the year. I love costumes, keep a couple dozen on hand, in case I might need to go shopping as a Jedi, check the mailbox as a dark fairy. You never know when these needs come up. There just aren’t enough costumed events for me.

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects you’re working on?
Michele:  I’m thrilled my newest release, the sizzling, gritty, high-action Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure, Gangbusters, is coming out this November. Angels, demons, lasers, secret technology, demonic possession, microchips, fist fights, teleportation, unholy resurrection, forbidden passion, assassination, doomed missions, daredevil antics, a battle for love against a Hell-spawned horde. The usual. :-)

When and why did you begin writing?
Michele:  In 1990, I’d met a gorgeous mohawked punk rocker named Torch with big blue eyes and more earrings in his ears than I had. He was a wildly creative being of light with a smile like the Devil’s own. He taught me how to be creative. I penned a story of a hero just like Torch in Luminous Nights. Helping someone learn they are creative is one of the greatest gifts a person can bestow upon another, and I was very lucky Torch came into my life and gave me that. He’s still one of my best friends.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
Michele:  If I’m writing a Sci-Fi Romance, I start with a science that intrigues me. I speculate the people who will work with it, then it’s on. I’m MIA for a few months writing the story.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
Michele:  Suspense. Surprise. A good dose of revulsion, but not too much. Dark characters that insidiously crawl into and nest in my mind.

What is your favorite scary movie, book, or theme?
Michele:  I LOVE to be scared! I have favorite themes. I lovelovelove the monsters, but real-life scares get me better. Serial killers, UFOs, and government super-weapons. Apocalyptic views of the future. I love to write them, too. The fear of possible horrors sends lightning through me! Any story with those scenarios make me peek out the drapes to the sky, consider how much the government is watching me, plan for a zombie apocalypse. :-) Those thoughts are so fun and challenging.
Have you given thought to what you’d do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Maybe you should. The Center for Disease Control thought of it. While you’re planning your survival during a zombie apocalypse, plan for a natural disaster:

Favorite monster movie: Alien vs.. Predator. It’s overgross for my taste, so I cover my eyes at those moments.  I love the Predator technology. AvP is a very good and suspenseful story, contains mythology, and a butt-kicking female protagonist. I am compelled to love it.

What makes you interested in the genre you write?
Michele:  A love of science, technology, adventure, and twisty surprises. An affection for hot chemistry between lovers. A worship of the alpha-male.

When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
Michele:  I’d been twelve years old and alone in my home when I saw the Scars of Dracula. Scared the pants off me. Too old to believe in vamps, I was so nervous, and I walked to my mother’s job just so I wouldn’t have to be alone. I loved vampires before that, but that movie scarred me for life, and gave me a curiosity/love for horror. As much as I love them, I haven’t written a vampire story. But I probably will. It’s just too irresistible. I love monsters.

Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
Michele:  I like straddling fences. I write Mainstream Romance that snuggles up to the erotic. I almost always write about crime, so my stories end up being a bit violent and peppered with nasty talk from criminals. I try to ratchet down the gore, figuring if the reader wanted gore, they’d read Clive Barker. I’m not a big fan of gore, so it’s not my focus, but my stories do have foul language, blood, bodies, fist fights, gun battles, and horrible deaths. Not for the faint-hearted. I know I’ve given my publisher a headache considering the warnings my book might require because my stories might straddle a couple of those fences in a way that it becomes an opinion if it’s too gory/sexy/violent to earn some kind of warning. Interestingly, my readers have told me my stories were not too gory/sexy/violent.  I’ve walked away with only adult language warnings. Woo-hoo! I want to haunt the gray area, ride that fence.

Could you share some of your blurbs or exerts with us?
Michele: Here’s a scary scene from my Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure, Vigilant:“Did you execute my men, Marshal?” the demon Morosi asked the seething cop he held caged for the revenge show playing out before his eyes.
Yadira shivered in her shackles, chilled for the horror Morosi would put her through. She stayed quiet, afraid the only sounds she could utter were cries of fright.
“Your men had attempted suicide by coming to take me,” Weber deadpanned from behind bars, his vision focused on her lying chained to the bed. “One’s still alive, but he wants to die. I don’t think he’ll return to your employment.”
“I’ll have him killed before his trial.”
“That would save Alliance citizens a fistful of money.”
The I-Marshal began to slam his big combat boot into the cage lock she’d failed to pick.
She desperately prayed Weber could weaken the bars.
“If you think I’m going to let this go your way”—slam!—“you’re wrong.”
“You’ll grow old, Dokiel, kicking those bars. It’s a bomb-worthy metal.”
Rising horns blended into Morosi’s black hair, creeping her out  His black eyes rimmed in red cruised her body with clear intention to anger the I-Marshal’s more base instincts. “Does it sicken you, son of fire, to witness me ruin her? You won’t want her after this.”
Yadira fisted the small spike in her hand to conceal it, dreading the size of her only weapon. She didn’t know that Morosi possessed a heart to stab or even if he were alive in any way that made him killable by a mere mortal. Would Morosi find the spike in her possession and beat her bloody for it? It would no doubt be foreplay for the monster.
“I’m going to destroy you, Morosi.”
 “People in Hell want ice-water, Marshal.”
Pleased with the cage’s strength, the demon grabbed Yadira’s ankle and yanked her harshly to stretch her body the length of the bed. She fought, but his grip cut the blood flow to her foot. He cuffed that ankle in leg chains to the bed footboard. She shuddered again, and worked to be brave and think clearly. Or fake it.
“More likely, I’ll teleport off this planet in an eye-blink while you stand trapped in a cage, watching her bleed, listening to her weep. Her buyer will collect her afterward. Another thing you can’t prevent.”
“Returning to the abyss you came from, you ghoulish fucker?” Weber taunted him.
Laughing, Morosi grabbed her other ankle, and her most vigorous fight was fruitless. He chained her other leg to the footboard.
“There’s no place like home. As you ignorant mortals are fond of saying.”
Yadira’s hands were cuffed together on one side of the headboard, and the demon would have to unlock her right hand to reposition it for his ultimate act of revenge.
“I’ll hunt you down, Morosi, and drain your demon body of your corrupt blood. I’ll see your carcass go up in the blue flames you deserve.”
“But the two of you will have this memory forever. She’s never going to recover.”
Her limbs secured, Morosi straddled her hips in morbid domination, despite her awkward position. His rough hands stripped the remnants of her blouse from her body, leaving her bra and topazes to cover her. His awful eyes drilled into the sky-blue jewels Weber had given her, as though the demon needed to concentrate to rid her body of them. Morosi hadn’t complained of  pain when Weber had busted him in the mouth or had burned a beam through his head, but the monster feared a gift of love around her neck. He’d ordered his men to remove the jewels in an attempt to avoid them.
“I’m going to uncuff your hand, and you’ll remove the jewels,” the demon gunman hissed above her.
“Take them off yourself!” Yadira screamed at him. “If you aren’t powerless in the face of goodness!”
Bare-handed, the demon snatched the topaz necklace from her neck, scattering the jewels in all directions. She heard the sizzle of his flesh, and he howled aloud, gritted his teeth to bear the pain. His blood-red lips curled up to reveal sprouting fangs. Her mind warped in consideration of all the horrible things he could do to her.
Crazed Morosi shook his horned head and seemed to grow bigger. Tendrils of smoke rose from his nostrils. His fangs flashed, white and sharp. His black vision roved over her, and his mood changed to a sick glee.
“Yadira, you’re the most marvelous piece of art I’d like to crush. The helplessness, the fright in your eyes makes them sparkle. The paleness terror gives your flesh is delicious. You’re so weak, you’re beautiful. Your buyer should want to see it often.”
 “I’m not weak!”
“I can see what the I-Marshal took, and that was supposed to be mine. I’ll wipe away the triumph for him while he watches. Considering all the revenge you represent, I’ll make this last a very long time. What do you say, son of fire, to watching the repercussions of stealing Yadira’s innocence from its rightful owner? It was something I’d murdered for.”
Slam! Weber’s only answer was another slam of his combat boot into the cage lock.
Having her chained and pinned beneath him, the man transforming into a beast removed his stiffly pressed shirt, revealing carvings on his lithe and darkening body growing bulkier in his slow shift. Steel-girded muscle expanding told her she’d not escape the demon.
Yadira repulsed at the thought of this damned creature violating her so hideously. She began to weep, hoping to convince her captor she’d given up on a rescue, that his infliction of fear worked, and she no longer had fight in her. She surrendered. Weeping was easy.
Morosi delighted in her loss of hope.
“I’m going to destroy you, Morosi,” the I-Marshal promised the demon again, his concentration focused on breaking the cage lock.
“You’ll want to, especially after this.”
Yadira tried not to shudder, but the fear controlled her. He had her stripped down to her bra and panties, and those barriers wouldn’t last long.
The demon’s lascivious inspection stopped at her bare thighs. He growled, “I see your handprints burned into her, Weber. I don’t care that you’ve marked her for your possession.”
Weber’s handprints seared into her thighs? She’d fantasized his touch had melded into her flesh. It was the vision he’d given her and a wish she’d made in the shower with his scorching, pleasuring hands stroking her thighs, water droplets sizzling away.
“I care, Morosi, that you’re violating my property. You’ll meet holy fire for touching her.”
When the filthy demon uncuffed her hand concealing the spike to recuff it across the headboard and maximize his access, his grip was overconfident. She yanked her hand from his grasp and stabbed at the throb in her tormentor’s neck.
Check out my Web site for more.

Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?
Michele:  Visit me at for steamy, peril-packed excerpts, 5-star reviews, and suspenseful book trailers. Angels and demons and lasers. Oh my...

Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
Michele:  Look out for Gangbusters, coming November! Investigate I-Marshal Stories. Where do the mortals fit in the war between the angels and demons? Who can save them? The sons of the Fallen, sons of fire, of course. Read more:
Explore angels, demons, and lasers...oh, my.

Thanks so much, readers, Ramsey’s Reviews, and the Halloween Bash for spending a few minutes with me.

Have an exciting day,
Michele Hart
Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance Author
~ Walk Another World ~
GANGBUSTERS - Coming Nov '11 - Hide From the Demon Horde.

Want to get scared this Halloween?
    Follow the shadow, risk, and mystery.
    How about a sssexy and dangerous shape-shifter escaped from a prison-planet for your summer affair? Can I interest you in a brawler with a badge who can read your thoughts? Are you ready for a risky mind-control adventure battling the CIA? Feel like fighting the Mob today? Do you desire to be frightened by demons, rescued by angels? Would you like to be trapped on a space station with your high-school crush? A gangland hit man named Heretic awaits you…
    Discover passion, dare, and adventure under all-new moons and stars.
    Investigate Michele Hart.

Thank you, Michele, for taking the time to show us your vibrant and talented writing. I look forward to hearing more about your upcoming releases.

Got a flavor for scary?
Beware avenging angels.
Cop or convict?
How many faces can one man own?

    An assassin wearing a holographic mask and a prison tattoo boards Rachel’s freighter during a prison riot, intent on collecting gadgets capable of changing a man’s identity from the black-market gang who'd stolen them. Rachel’s never sure of Jack's identity nor his goal, but he claims to be an Alliance I-Marshal. Cop or convict? The clues never stop contradicting. She's horrified to find the bright holographic mask conceals the gruesome face of a monster. And the badge doesn’t slow him from murdering people right before her eyes.
    When Rachel learns Jack will trade innocent lives for the digital miracles, she determines to make the mercenary grow a heart.  How could a stone-cold killer kiss her so hotly? How could she kiss such a dangerous deceiver?
    Jack has done years in prison to learn who’d stolen the remaining Gemini ticks, 3-D magic. Nothing will keep him from gaining extreme technology capable of unleashing galaxy-wide chaos. Forget feelings for Rachel. She can’t stop him from killing everyone involved.
a 2011 Golden Quill Contest finalist!
Read passion-filled excerpts and a tense first chapter,
explore 5-star reviews, watch a book trailer:

One surviving hijacker is charged with the murders of a hundred citizens.
One cop sees her innocence.

    Alliance I-Marshal Weber hauls Yadira to her home planet and infiltrates the human-trafficking ring controlling her. But he finds himself unbearably attracted to his witness. A gift for detecting deception reveals she’s the next victim of a criminal industry.
    Descending into shadowy worlds of slavery, Yadira endures a dark angel stalking her dreams and watches the quiet I-Marshal become dangerous in her defense. Everything about him moves her…except the memory of seeing him execute the most important man in her life. Shouldn’t she take vengeance? Delusions of a heavenly guardian affect her mind.
    Slavers and demons plan to snatch her from Weber’s custody while he is uncovering connections, and Weber won’t hesitate to execute the guilty surrounding Yadira. Who but a son of fire can save her from fiends harboring hardcore fantasies of harming her?
Discover hot, peril-packed excerpts, a perilous first chapter,
check out the 5-star reviews, watch a mysterious book trailer:
What would any man do, holding the secrets to mind control
while the woman he wants resists his charms?

    Jon Paige discovers his employer is developing illicit mind-control techniques. He quickly learns how to hijack the system and breaks down his beautiful assistant’s persistent walls. Will Holly forgive him for sneaking into her mind, if she ever learns of it?
    Holly Maddox is determined not to dip her pen in the company ink, a policy that’s served her well…until Jon comes along. He steals her mind when he’s in the room, weakens her fortitude with every flash of his flirty eyes and secretive smile. How will she keep herself from falling in love with her boss when he melts her impulse control?
    When Jon and Holly decide to sabotage the brain-washing experiments, they learn they’re up against a greater power than they’d bargained for. Doing the right thing risks lives. Will the truth of their beginnings wreck their sizzling affair?
Explore cool excerpts, find fabulous reviews, watch a suspenseful book trailer:

Run from the monsters.

Read and live an adventure.
Have an exciting upcoming weekend,

Friday, September 16, 2011
Please Welcome, Zenobia Renquist, as my quest for the next several days. Zenobia, it's great to have you here with us. Vampires are one of my favorite “creatures of the night” to read about. I would love to read how you incorporate these creatures into your own written realm. Thank you for taking the time and sharing some of yourself and your stories with us.

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects you're working on? 
I recently signed a contract with Ellora's Cave for a mainstream sci-fi interracial romance that should be coming out in the next few months. I'm currently working on a dragon, non-shifter romance that is about half way finished.
When and Why did you begin writing?
I started writing in high school because I wanted to see fantasy/paranormal romances with a black heroine. Not only that, I wanted said black heroine to be in an interracial relationship. Since I couldn't find any at the time, I decided to write my own. I started writing to get published in college.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
My ideas for my books come out of thin air. A sound or the way someone says a word will trigger an idea that evolves into a story. There's no rhyme or reason for it. I simply write it all down as it comes to me.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
I'm all about the psychological. Something has to screw with me mentally to get me scared. Slasher, blood-and-guts horror usually makes me laugh. Because of that, I'm more prone to watching Asian horror than American horror. American horror goes for gross out and jump moments. Asian horror is about mind games. There are no set rules. A person can die from simply looking at the window of a house, and the main character won't always make it to the end.

What is your favorite scary movie or book?
My favorite scary book is Phantoms by Dean Koontz. That had me turning on the light to sleep at night. I plan to read it again just for the thrill of it. The movie adaptation was very underwhelming and not nearly as creepy as the book. My favorite scary movie... I'm not sure. There are several horror movies I like to watch, but not because they scare me. I need the laugh.

Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors, too. I began reading his books when I was in high school, and actually had a very good collection of almost everyone of his books. What makes you interested in the genre you write?
I love created worlds and civilizations and then tossing my characters (usually the heroine) into that world and making her deal. Fish out of water stories is what I do best. That probably stems from me growing up as a military brat. I moved around a lot, so I know how it feels to be tossed into a new town, a new school, and having to adapt or be left out.

When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
The creature that scared me the most was a toss up between Freddy Kruger and the red-eyed gnome from Cat's Eye. Nowadays Freddy makes me laugh. But that red eyed gnome still haunts me a little. I plan to dabble in horror romance in the near future. When I do, I hope to capture that childhood terror on the page for my readers to enjoy.

Oh, and when you do, please let me know, I shared that same nightmare of the creepy little gnome sucking the life out of me, when I was a child. Cat's Eye was one of the best short stories of Stephen King, along with The Mist. (IMO) Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came  from?
I did not. However, I had a nightmare that scared me silly just a few months ago. When I finally got myself to wake up (just before the monster was about to grab me), I sat in bed breathing hard and tense for a few minutes before I scrambled for my computer so I could write it all down. Wes Craven is on to something when he writes down his nightmares.

Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
I describe enough to get a feel of the situation and the scene. I'm not trying to gross anyone out or give anyone an anatomy lesson.

Could you share some of your blurbs or excerpts with us?


-- CE1: Charmed Lover --
Ryver is one of the many humans who owns a vampire. She purchased Theron for home security. When the magic charms keeping the vampires docile and subservient suddenly start failing, Theron goes from protector to threat. A nationwide, mandatory recall of all vampires is in effect. Ryver is ready to comply, but a night of passion spent in Theron's arms changes her mind.

It's only a matter of time before someone figures out Ryver and Theron's secret. With the threat of mages bearing down on them, Ryver has to decide if she's willing to give up her lover -- or her freedom.

Read Chp1 -

-- CE2: Trapped Lover --
Ryver knows she can never go home again. That's fine by her, since she's with Theron, the vampire she loves. Now living in vampire territory, she's learning more about Theron, and not all of it is good. The more she sees, the more she's convinced that the man she fell in love with, the man who can make her body sing with a single touch, might not be the man she thought he was.

Read Chp1 -

-- CE3: Provoked Lover --
After an attack leaves Theron's allies scattered, Sicily finds herself in the care of Lamon, a vampire who looks like he would rather kill her than protect her.

The unlikely pair must become very close -- sexual energy is necessary to disrupt the spell the mages are using to track Sicily.

Emotions become confused as their bodies entwine. Sicily finds herself falling for a man she can't have... or can she?

Read Chp1 -

-- CE4: Anguished Lover --
Sicily has volunteered to put herself on the front lines in the vampires' fight against the mages. Lamon has no choice but to go with her to keep her safe. When the worst happens, Sicily has to find out just what she's willing to sacrifice to save the lives of her lover and her friends.

Read Chp1 - Coming to on 12September 2011

Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?

Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
I'm an avid anime fan and my storytelling style is similar. Even when something seems out of place or inconsequential, pay attention because it might become important later. It's a wild ride. All I ask when reading my books is that you Leave Your Reality Behind.
Welcome, Desiree, to Ramsey's Reviews 2nd Annual Halloween Bash. Your new releases sound so thrilling that I can't wait to have our readers read about them. I especially like your upcoming release featuring a Chupacabra. That sounds very interesting.

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects your working on?
September will see the release of Book 4 in my Phoenix Agency series, F Stop. There are 5 books in the series, all about alpha ex-military men who meet women with a special psychic ability. Each ability is different. In F Stop, Kat Culhane is a remote viewer, with the ability to focus on things such as geographic coordinates and “see” things happening there. I’m also at work on Branded By Lust, Book 4, Night Seekers. Eight team members, six of them shifters, hunter the legendary devil beast, the Chupacabra.

When and Why did you begin writing?
I’ve always had the desire to write, even spent some time working for weekly newspapers. And in college I did sports reporting. But it wasn’t until 2004 that I finally had the time to sit down and actually pull all those plots out of my notebooks and see what I could do. And I haven’t stopped since then.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
My brain never stops working, picking up pieces and bits and whirling them into some kind of story. I meet great people to interview, I do a lot of Internet research and I use a lot of my life experiences.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
Something that scares me to death! But this is not a genre I either read or write. I can take paranormal to the edge but that’s about it.

What is your favorite scary movie or book?
Psycho is still the icon for me. It still scares me to death but I watch it anyway!

What makes you interested in the genre your write?
I like to explore different areas of the imagination. Books are a great place to create my fantasies and live them out.

When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
I still remember my sister, who was older than me, reading Little Red Riding-hood. For years I couldn’t even look at a picture of a wolf. Odd that today, wolf shifters are among my favorite characters. But I still remember diving under the covers when I heard that big, bad wolf voice.

Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came  from?
Oh, yes. And it’s still in my Ideas folder on my computer. Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to write about it. It had to do with mind control.

Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
First of all, whatever it is, it has to fit into the plot and the character images. Gore and sex just for the sake of gore and sex, don’t work for me. And of course, my stories are always romances, so that in itself, sets certain boundaries. So whatever it is, it has to fit the romance and the story and not detract from it or be jarringly different.

Could you share some of your blurbs or exerts with us?

Blurb from Joy Ride:
Emma, the good girl poster child, is running from a life she suddenly sees as gray and suffocating—a life where she’s successfully buried all her hopes and secret dreams. Until the night she wanders into Aftershock and is immediately drawn to the hot bass player. The electricity of his performance, the powerful music he coaxes from his guitar, the heavy vibration of each note reaches out to something deep inside her and wakes an Emma she didn’t even know existed.

Marc doesn’t much care for the groupies who hang around the band. He needs a woman he can create a future with that’s a counterpoint to the craziness of the rock music business. When he sees Emma for the first time, something inside him cracks wide open. Just one sizzling glance between them, and he’s sure he’s found the woman to complete his life.

But as the relationship grows, there’s a huge stumbling block: Emma won’t tell him her name. The sex is fabulous but he wants more….

Although Emma is finally finding her true self, her fear of everything falling apart builds a barrier she can’t seem to cross. Marc is taking her on the joy ride of her life, but will her own insecurities destroy everything?

Blurb from Delicious Danger:
Kelly Monroe was shocked when her dog, Xena, a Caucasian Ovcharka seemed to bond at once with Rick Latrobe, a partner in the high profile Phoenix Agency. Ovcharkas are known for linking with only their owners. But Xena is picking up Rick’s wave length, very much aware when an attempt is made on Rick’s life, and driving Kelly crazy with signals of danger regarding Rick’s current project, ferrying a shipment of arms to a private security cadre in Iraq. Rick is nearly killed when the shipment is stolen by terrorists who are hot in his trail. Only Kelly and Xena, coached by members of The Lotus Circle to expand the psychic link between the three of them—can keep him safe. As Rick scrambles to learn who’s behind the whole mess, the relationship he and Kelly have deepens. But Xena is the real star, not only signaling when danger is at hand but “sniffing” out the killers.

Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?
They can also join my mailing list there

Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
Yes. They can also find me on Twitter @desireeholt and Facebook
Thank you, Desiree, for taking the time to answer some of our questions. I really enjoyed having you with us for this Halloween Bash. Good luck with all your books, and maybe one day you will finish that scary tale. =) Happy Halloween.

Stavros, welcome to Ramsey's Reviews. Thank you for taking the time to share a piece of yourself and your books. I have been looking forward to your interview for a long time and excited to finally meet the man behind the writing.

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects your working on?
Yes, I’ve just released Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie tale of Revenge and this September the sequel to Blood Junky is coming out. So, I’m very excited about that.

I have been reading Blood Junky and the world building is amazing. There is so much detail to the main character's life that you feel as though you are really connected to them. When and Why did you begin writing?
It’s always been something that I’ve done.  I like to tell stories and create characters.  Though, I began writing poetry and short essays.  This started when I was in my early teens, and as I grew, sharing my work with friends, family, teachers, I noticed that they seemed to like what I wrote.  So, I continued to work on it.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
Mostly, the idea springs internally and I research the rest.  Life experience adds a flavor and direction to any piece, but I like to get out of my head with a character or story and see where it wants to go.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
Good writing, good characters, and good situations.  Horror is so diverse that literally you could apply a broad technique.  As long as the piece is consistent and well written I’m hooked.

What is your favorite scary movie or book?
Too many favorite horror movies to mention really.  I grew up reading science fiction long before I got into horror, and then my horror tastes were limited to mostly werewolves and vampires.  Mostly werewolves.  But I read The God Emperor of Dune twice, and I love Patrick Suskind’s Perfume and Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Grey.  Of course, Dracula and Interview with a Vampire were seminal.  The works of Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Piers Anthony, the Conan books, Isaac Asimov, and Sir Author Cannon Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes were enjoyable and influential reads.

What makes you interested in the genre you write?
I love horror.  I grew up on it early.  My Dad used to wake me up at night to watch Creature Feature with him, so I learned at an young age to appreciate the strange and unusual.

When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
Night of the Living Dead had me terrified.  I was too scared to walk through the house.  John Carpenter's The Thing made a deft impression, and I still love those special FXs!  I love all of those black & white Universal monster films and had model kits for all of them, including the Hunchback and Invisible Man.  And the Hammer films and all of Vincent Price’s movies fed my hungry for the macabre.  So, yeah, its fed the coffers of my creative muse.

Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came from?
I always wonder where it comes from, and give thanks to God.

Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
For me that’s easy.  It all depends on the nature of the piece I am writing and the characters involved.  I tend to write as my character thinks.  If a particular character is having sex or killing or disfiguring a person or plotting something wicked my motivations are all character based.  My personal interests and feelings about it are completely left out.

Could you share some of your blurbs or exerts with us?
When I buy a book I always read the first page.  So, here’s the first or so pages of each book.

Blood Junky:

Lin looked out over the tawdry lights of the city of lost angels.  A million pinpricks that filled the moonlit night with brilliant noise.  There’s no real dark anymore.  The earth is crowded; guttersnipes and trash.  Breathing smoke, a tattooed dragon on the slag stone balcony, she pulled hard from the cigarette.  Its glowing red tip briefly added to the twinkling as Santa Ana winds grabbed the ashen embers and ferried them through the streets like little glowing devils seeking fuel to ignite the desperate pith of the city.  The cancer-stick was stale, at least three years old.  Stuffed in a drawer the last time her thoughts fell on Dominique.
Dull bitterness, in mind and body, a steady ache; the smoky flavor sent spasms through her parasite in angry shudders.  It despised the smoke and pushed it out of Lin’s nostrils, screaming for blood.  Her thin, white robe floated on a breath of air.
From up here, where all the smog gathered around this west coast haven, in her castle in the sky, her deluxe apartment far from the throttle and choke of the world, she could hear the chaos clashing below.  Crushed under the soles of her bare, waxen feet, sounds drifted up to her.  Called to her.  Pleading for scant recognition, each lonely voice clamored in the din, each a single cell in the red tapestry proclaiming its mortality.  A cacophony: pointless conversations, bleating car radios, hookers on their knees in alleys, police thrusting a robber to the ground, a baby’s cry, a drug addict haggling price from the meager metal protection of an idling car, and an old man’s last breath – all circulated into the drumming mood of this sanguine night.

One hundred years ago it wasn’t like this.  The town still held some glimmer of magic.  Hell, it wasn’t like this fifty years ago.  But who’s counting?  Who even notices that the magic is gone, leaving in its wake the lingering remains of an extinguished black wick on an old dusty candle held waiting in the breast of one who still mourns its passing?  Lin sighed.  This used to be such a fun town.  Now there’s just too many people breeding like a damn disease, infecting every living cell, spreading out like a well-fed cancer. Viral.

Dreaming of bygone nights lit by the pale glamour of the same moon blinking down time after time, Lin placed her alabaster hands on the stone railing of the balcony terrace as she jettisoned the soft cotton cargo of the cigarette into the Santa Ana air.  She watched it tumble and turn, spiraling to the fetid street below.  The blood parasite within writhed along her spine and ribs.  It caused her jungle tattoo to quiver into inked life.  Toucans took flight across her back, into that blank spot where Lin was thinking of putting a city scene.  Nature vs Man.  The epitome of progress.  Living on the Pacific Ring of Fire, nestled into the big shoulders of skyscrapers and movie stars, it only felt right to finish the elaborate design with a monument to the civilized state.  Not until Three Hundred, though.  That’ll be a seminal year.  I will finish it then.
Lin curled a finger around the hand-carved spirits glass, swishing the red liquid within.  Her parasite, her Jadaraa Soo, wound around her wrist, pushed into her fingertips with love, and cradled the cup.  It was hungry.  It wanted to go out into the illumined night and drive its tendril features into a warm body.  It yearned, unceasingly, to be fulfilled.  Lin opened her mouth and kissed the cup for a hefty dose.  The parasite cringed at the blood’s cold temperature.  Withdrawing at first into its veiny legs, it receded back to its full girth, seeping throughout Lin’s body like a wave on a beach.  To the painted host, the chilled hemoglobin felt good against this warm, dry night.  It cooled her stillborn flesh and fucked with the Jadaraa Soo.  A ‘lil kick for the bastard to make her smile.  A not-so-brutal reminder to the beast within that she does what she likes despite what it wants.  Lin didn’t feel like going out tonight or calling The Service to have a Sanglant delivered.  So, this cold plate would have to do for them both.
A few seconds after ingesting the blood, the veins of her captor began to purr like a giant, caged cat.  Softly.  Just softly, mimicking the jungle beast tattooed on her left calf.  After all, blood is blood.  That’s all the thing wants: blood.  An endless cycle of self-consumption from the day that Lin let it consume her vital fluids, let the vile thing be born in her body, let the blood become beast and beast become being; the Jadaraa Soo ended one life, and began another.

“Blood.   Blood eats Blood.  That is the rule.  It is as simple as that.”

Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie Tale of Revenge:

Jamie Lund didn’t hear the splash when her body hit the water.  She didn’t feel the cold grip of swirling liquid engulf her or lift her back up to the surface minutes later.  Jamie never noticed a murder of crows perched on the railings of the dilapidated concrete bridge.  Or, the way moonlight reflected off their coal black wings, shimmered in the rippling river, or her wet hair.  Jamie Lund didn’t see, feel, or hear much of anything anymore.  Because, at twenty-two...Jamie Lund was dead.
The water carried her like a baby and birthed her to the grassy bank on the other side of the bridge.  A branch grabbed the black, mini-skirt she wore that night and held it against the tug.  A thousand ebon eyes watched her body drift and moor like a boat.  A cold wind bent the tall grass on the river’s edge and filled the night with wings.  Against the churning bubble and the damp lights of the city in the distance a cacophony of beaks erupted.  Caws like locust fell from the sky.
As if struck by a hammer to the chest, breath fueled Jamie’s lungs.  An awakening gasp burst through icy, cold lips and teeth that were filled with muddy leaves and liquid.  Jamie’s back arched and her head rose from the water with a jolt.  Her eyes were milky white and distant.  She sucked in a gulp of air with the grate of a straw searching for that last drop of soda under the ice; raspy like thorns – broken as the wind in the hollow of a tree.  Her arms pushed up and drove her hands deep into riverbank mud.  The chips and cracks in her once red polished nails were getting dirty.  Crows swarmed above her as a single mood.  She coughed the river from her throat and pulled her shaking body from the frigid wet.
Ebon eyes glared at the wretched girl from the sky, from the trees, and their concrete perch on the dilapidated bridge as she struggled with stiff limbs to drag her sore and aching body through the tall weeds to the road.  Jamie sat at the edge of the busted tarmac and looked around as her vision slowly tuned into her surroundings.  The moon smiled down on her, a faint yellow, illuminating a patch of earth that she had never known or been to before.  Nothing was familiar.  Everything felt wrong.  Fog peeled back from her memory like Russian dolls, opening into itself, getting smaller and smaller with the same affect, revealing nothing.  She didn’t know how or why she was here.  Worry blossomed inside her chest like a fruit basket.
She tried to call out.  To simply speak, to utter a sound, to work her feeble voice, but her throat burned hot nails all the way down her windpipe.  A tiny squeak parted from her icy blue lips and she placed a hand to her throat.  It was fraught with pain.  She struggled.  She worked her jaw to loosen her voice box, wind the organ up to play, but a flash of memory slammed into the back of her skull.  It shook her shoulders awake, repeating on a loop.  Scorching Jamie’s cerebral cortex, her eyelids fluttered.
 She was looking at herself in the freestanding mirror - getting dressed.  A column of jet-black hair fell past a bare shoulder, framing her pretty face.  She had a lithe, curvy shape, sensual lips, and thin fingers that pulled the zipper of her skirt up the side of her hip.  She turned the cute, little black number around so that the fastener was in the back.  She straightened her black lace bra, smiled, and then did her make up.  She was going out...

But, where?

Suddenly, Jamie felt wet and shivered.  Fear crept past her damp clothes and crawled under her skin as she lifted herself onto the road.  Every muscle rebelled.  Her knees argued at the thought of bending.  The joints in her fingers and elbows ached, popping with movement.  Her back felt as if someone had surgically implanted a slab of concrete and a blinding pain ran from her neck down her spine.  Her shoes were missing, toes numb, the sides of her feet scrapped along the busted edge of the tarmac as she rose crooked and wobbly onto two weak legs.  It was a horrible dream, unspooling limbs for the audience of the blackbirds.  Nothing was clear, nothing was familiar.  A dull ringing filled Jamie’s ears and she felt cold.  Bitter and deep, that sprang from her center.  Jamie Lund felt the cold that no one ever feels, but which, we’re all made to visit.  Somewhere vaguely in the coils of her mind the little lost dead girl was reminded that it was July.  Its not supposed to be this cold out!  Slowly, Jamie wrapped her arms across her chest and lumbered toward the distant lights of the city.

Might I say that you are truly an author who knows how to wrap one's soul around emotion. I will be reviewing Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie Tale of Revenge very soon. It's one book that I am dying to read. =) Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books? – affectionately known as BMRH.  You can go beyond the books, download art and other fun stuff, read short stories and poetry, see artwork and illustrations, get tips on how to survive the zombie apocalypse, keep track of conventions and shows, buy cool stuff at the Arti(s)fact Store, and generally peek behind the wizard’s curtain to see how the magic happens.

Is there anything else additional you would like to share with your readers?
Thank you for reading.  I will write more.

Caution: Adult Contenet. Must be 18 to enter.

Caution: Adult Contenet. Must be 18 to enter.
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