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Please welcome Lynn Lorenz to Ramsey's Reviews Halloween Bash!! Thank you Lynn for taking the time to answer some of our questions. It's great to hear you have so many releases coming out. Congrats! Readers, stick around after the interview to post your comments. All comments that are posted on Jane Toombs' interview session and Lynn Lorenz interview session will be entered into a Halloween e-book surprize drawing on October 1st.

Tell us your latest news. Do you have any current projects your working on?
I’ve got a new book in the Rougaroux Social Club series coming out Oct. 4th from Loose Id - it’s a gay romance set in the Louisiana bayou country. I also have a traditional romance, A Death in Katy coming out Nov. 5th from Etopia Press.
I’m currently working on several projects – a novella about Bad Boys for Amber Quill Press, a self-pub effort vampire story, and the next Rougaroux book.
When and Why did you begin writing?
I’ve been writing since junior high but it never went anywhere. Life happened and then in 2006 I started writing again. I wrote about 5-8 books before I sold my first book The Mercenary’s Tale, a gay medieval romance, to Loose Id. And it’s been non-stop ever since. I love telling stories, I love creating characters that just tug at your heart, and then do evil and cruel things to them as they fight for their HEA.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
Real life. Nothing is as weird as real life.

What do you think makes a good horror story?
I used to read Stephen King, but also Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, and a lot of gothic authors. I want to feel on edge, scared, but I don’t want to be grossed out. I hate slasher stuff. I want more of the old campfire ghost story type. That’s what I was going for when I wrote Cemeteries, for Amber Quill Press. The kind of story that drags you in, then Bam! You’re hit with the ending and your heart is racing and pulse is pounding. But for this book, it had to be a romance – with a HEA. That was tough, but I think it worked.
What is your favorite scary movie or book?
I think some of the scariest stuff was written by Shirley Jackson. We Have Always Lived in the Castle just creeped the hell out of me.

What makes you interested in the genre your write?
I love to write the story in my head at any time, and it can be contemporary, paranormal, historical are sci-fi. It’s the characters who drive the story and the plot and the genre. I just listen to them, and they’re usually right.

When you were a child, what creature or story scared you the most? And did it propel your creative muse to write about it later?
Goodness. I grew up in New Orleans, we’re et up with haunted houses and stories of ghosts – urban legends – zombies and vampires. I remember seeing Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte as a kid, and being terrified. My friends and I had a clubhouse and we’d sit in it and tell stories about the cemetery on the corner and about the ghost of Mona Lisa in City Park, and about the slaves that were tortured and killed in the French Quarter.
All that story-telling paid off, I suppose. When I wrote Cemeteries, I was inspired by all the tales I’d heard as a kid, about the most famous cemeteries in the world – the Cities of the Dead - that New Orleans is famous for.

Do you remember ever coming up with anything so wild that you scared yourself, leaving you to wonder where that came from?
Not really. Some times, my villains are so twisted, I wonder where that came from, but there’s a lifetime of scary movies, books and experiences I can draw on.
I do believe in spirits – I’ve been in haunted houses, stayed in a haunted plantation, and even had a few other-worldly moments myself.

Where do you as an author draw the line on gory description and/or erotic content?
I can’t stand violence against children. I hate gory stuff – people die – but no blood spewing, guts flowing kind of thing. I like more of a mind-scare – where you’re creeped and scared, but not grossed out.
Could you share some of your blurbs or exerts with us?
This is from Cemeteries, a ghost story, set in New Orleans, from Amber Quill Press, Amber Allure. Mike and Jacob meet on a bus that takes them to the Cemeteries, a cross road in New Orleans with a cemetery on every corner. Mike falls hard for Jacob, but Jacob is mysterious and secretive. When Mike discovers Jacob’s secret, will it be the end or just the beginning?
Excerpt --
Every night for the rest of the week, Mike rode the bus, and Jacob waited for him. And every night, during that ride, they shared a special moment in time, as if they were the only two on the driver, just them and what was between them.
But always, when the bus coasted to a stop at the crossroads where four cemeteries met, the doors hissed open, and Mike said goodbye to Jacob with a kiss, Mike knew he wanted more.
The need, the hunger for Jacob built in Mike, like molten lava builds up pressure under the earth, until fissures crack and the burning heat shoots out to dazzle the night sky. And even though he told himself it was too soon, that he didn't really know Jacob, Mike knew he'd fallen in love with the man on the bus.
Mike climbed on the bus, heart hammering, and nodded to Mr. Roberts.
Jacob waited for him.
Mike sat in the seat next to his lover and took his hand. "I've got the next two days off."
"Oh?" Jacob frowned.
"Yeah. I won't be on the bus."
"Oh!" Realization struck in Jacob's blue eyes. He nodded. "I understand."
"Will you be here?"
"Yes, I'm always here." Jacob shrugged. "Will you be back after that?"
"Yeah, I'll be back at work, so I'll be here. I just wanted to let you know. You know"--Mike cleared his throat--"in case you missed me." He dared a shy look into Jacob's blue eyes, longing to tell him how he felt.
"Two nights. I'm going to miss you." Jacob took Mike's hand. "I can't tell you how much it means to me, spending time with you."
"Me, too. Don't you want more? Don't you want to have dinner? Or breakfast? Watch the sun rise? Come to my house and sleep with me in my bed?" Mike leaned close and kissed Jacob's ear.
Jacob shuddered and closed his eyes as he bared his throat to Mike's questing mouth, but he didn't answer.
"Don't you?" A wave of uncertainty passed over Mike. Maybe this didn't mean as much to Jacob as it did to him. Maybe Jacob didn't understand Mike had fallen in love with him?
Maybe he had to just tell him and make him understand.
"Mike, I want those things. All of them. It's just impossible. Right now." He gazed out the window. "Maybe never."
"What? Look, man, let's just get off the bus and go to my house. Or yours, I don't care which."
"No," Jacob shouted. "I can't." His eyes filled with tears. "I can't go with you, Mike. Can't we just stay like this?"
"Riding the bus?" Mike wiped a fallen tear from Jacob's cheek.
"Yes. Just riding the bus."
Mike leaned back and exhaled. Either Jacob didn't want anything more or couldn't give him any more, and Mike got that. He didn't like it, but he got it. Now he had to decide what he could live with, and he didn't know the answer.
"But why? If you just explained it to me, I could understand."
Jacob shook his head. "I can't tell you. It doesn't work like that."
"What doesn't work like that?"
"Damn me."
Jacob's soft curse surprised Mike. And as Jacob straightened in his seat and turned to face him, Mike knew the blade of rejection was about to cut his heart out of his chest.
"I don't want more, Mike."
Jacob reached out to take Mike's hand, but Mike jerked away from him.
"You were just using me?" he asked, not really wanting to know the truth.
"No. What we have is so special. I never thought I'd have this much, but I can't have more, Mike. I can't. It's not allowed." Jacob's tears tracked down his face, and Mike reached up to brush them away.
"Sure we can. If we lo--"
"Stop it!" Jacob shouted and jumped up. "Don't say it. Don't ever say it."
Where can your fans go to find more information about you and your books?
To my website
You can find a list of all my books, with links to buy to the publishers.


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Caution: Adult Contenet. Must be 18 to enter.
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