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Welcome, K.A. M'Lady, to Ramsey's Reviews. I am happy to have you with us today. I have read several books in your Faith Savage series, and let me tell you, I love them. What a great idea you have centered around Angels and Archangels. Faith Savage is such a strong and determined protagonist and your two rivals fighting over her attention really steams things up. Now, let's get to the questions because I am dying to find out more.

How long have you been writing?
I've been writing as long as I can remember, really.  My mom recently had brunch for the holidays with some old childhood friends and even they commented that I was always writing -- even as a kid.  It's something I've always loved - words.  They take us to such wonderful places.  Help us escape, create, dream.  Inspire us to greater things.  I've always thought there has to be more to life and there is -- I just have to create it...

How many books/e-books do you have published?
Wow, you're going to make me go look this one up.  Um, let's see -- since I took that first leap I've had published 4 novels, 9 novellas, and 2 poetry chapbooks. I've also been included in 2 anthologies and recently put together 2 additional anthologies - one being for charity for the Armed Forces Children's Education Fund, and I've have had approximately 30+ poems published locally and on the internet.

How did you come up with the idea of Faith Savage and her ability to mingle with the angels of Light and Darkness?
I don't think it was so much of an idea of mingling with the angels of Light and Darkness as more of a matter of fact.  It goes back to that savage faith thing.  When I was sorting out the idea of Faith and what I wanted her story to portray it was a bit personal.  More of 'what leads us to have or not have a savage faith.'  And no, this isn't a 'get on my soapbox and make you a believer.'  It's more a question -- what happens in each of our lives that gets us through the darkness kind of thing.  What or who has gotten me/us through the dark times?  And believe me, we all go through them.  Most days I swear Murphy sits outside my house, leaning against my porch, legs casually crossed, smoking his cigarette and blowing smoke rings into the cold morning air, waiting for me to walk outside so he can stalk me -- the rotten s.o.b.  Tell me he's not a demon in disguise.
So, I wondered, if I were to write about a character who'd been through hell but God had a master plan for her what would she choose to do about it.  (Free will and all.)  And does He have this sort of plan for all of us -- even the non-believers?  I know, sort of deep.  But it's things like that I wonder about sometimes.
I've always been fascinated by faith and religion and what people believe and don't believe and the why's behind things.  And I find it fascinating that in every culture in the world that angels and demons have a reference - long before the onset of Christianity.  It's things like that which spark my imagination.

Give us some behind-the-scene information on how you come up with your stories and the process of the books development.
Some of my stories just steamroll me.  Rihker from my Realm series was like that.  I'll get a name or an opening blurb and I'll have to write it down and before I know it the first page or chapter is written.  Sometimes I have no idea where some of this comes from.  I've tons of story ideas and not enough time to sit down and write them - full time job and all.  But the day will come eventually that I can just sit with my laptop and write away.  Then my publisher should be worried if she can keep up - .
As far as how the stories progress; I generally don't do story plots.  It's just not my thing.  I tried it once and I literally felt like my characters were laughing at me.  Saying, "yeah, riiiight.  We are soooo not doing that."  So, I tend to have the idea of where the story starts, where I want it to progress, and how I want it to end.  I get to a chapter and have an idea of what I would like to happen.  The rest of the time I let the characters and my story lead me.  It's a whole lot more fun that way.  And I get to be surprised when I get to the end, too.  Usually by the time I get to the finished product I'm completely amazed that this was something I accomplished.  That this was a story that I, in fact, wrote.  The whole process is amazing and I'm always grateful for the gift.

The main heroine, Faith Savage, is a head-strong and independent character. How do you identify yourself with your characters as you create them?
I'm a Taurus, so I'm completely head-strong and stubborn.  I don't think I'd be capable of writing a whiny, wimpy, floor-mat of a character.  It's not in my nature.  I suppose I could try - write the opposite - but they'd not be able to be my heroine.  I think a heroine can have their flaws, have their weak spots and moments of tenderness.  But to me, heroines plunder on, drive through, never say die and never give up -- even if they want to.  They can cry, they can groan but they just can't quit.

Who is the most difficult character you have written thus far?
I don't think I have any one character that is any more difficult than any other.  The creatures in Realm keep me busy as there are so many.  From Rihker, who is a half-breed human-pixie that is becoming so much more than that.  To the Trolls, Ogres, Vamps, Were-creatures and so on.  I have to keep a list of them.  Their names, features, powers.  Rihker's Tells grow with each new story in the series so I keep a list.  I hate reading series that in one book the character has blue eyes and is a Werewolf and in the next the author has forgotten and the character has green eyes and has suddenly become a Were-jaguar.
I'll probably have to start making a list for Faith and her crew as the series progresses.  But for now there are still just a handful to keep track of.

What are your future projects for this year?
I just released for Christmas the Just Another Paranormal Christmas Anthology (for Charity) and my story, Once Upon A Dragon, so I'm still in promo mode for it.  Then later this year - early spring I'm hoping - I'll have the next three installments in my Faith Savage series released.  Book 5 ~ The Ash Collector, Book 6 ~ Wicked's Kiss and Book 7 ~ Sinner.  All of the proceeds from the sales of Book 7 ~ Sinner will go to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters so I'm very excited about the release of it.
Other than that I'm just working.  Right now I'm working on the completion of Realm - Book IV ~ Blood Oaths - Warrior Rising.  Then it's on to my story titled, Bride -- kind of a twist in the Bride of Frankenstein story but a bit more contemporary and a bit darker.  I haven't quite sorted all of it out yet.  She's still in the rough stages.  I'm also working on Tiffany Trance and the Temple of the Dog Mummy; an archeological, time-travel, fantasy series.  Tiffany is fun, horribly book smart but absolutely lacking in the street-smart department.  She gets herself in all kinds of trouble in all sorts of different time periods.  And lastly, I'll be wrapping up my year with another installment for Faith Savage - Book 8 ~ Messenger.
I know that's a lot but I'm, a planner from hell, and I like a challenge.  If I'm not busy I'm bored.  Besides, this keeps me out of trouble.

Do you have any other internet sites that fans can stay in contact with you? Twitter, Facebook, etc.
You can find info about me and my work on my website -  on Myspace -  or on my blog - The Otherworld -
and of course you can hook-up with me at Facebook under K.a. M'Lady.  Or just send me an email - I always respond to all of my mail -

Where can readers find your books to buy?
The easiest place to buy my books is direct from my publisher - Mojocastle Press -
I'm also at All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and of course links are on my website -
Thanks so very much, Amy for letting me spend time with you and your readers today.  I had a great time.
K.A. M'Lady, It's been my pleasure having you here. Thank you for your time.
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Caution: Adult Contenet. Must be 18 to enter.
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